What is Pingify? Mobile Network Diagnostics Made Easy

Want to understand what is going on with your network? Try Pingify for iOS.

TL;DR Pingify evolved from an internal networking testing tool and is the only iOS app that allows you to test network coverage, Internet reliability and VPN dependability. It works by pinging all network adapters and offering real time location-tied results of real world tests, all vendor agnostic.

How many times have you found yourself in need of a real time diagnostic tool to test something networking-related and you didn’t find anything on the Apple Store? Well, it happened to us here at Speedify.

Speedify is a channel bonding app with VPN functionalities. In order to test the bonding performance for high-bandwidth low latency applications such as live streaming, FTL, and large file transfers, we needed something to measure latency (via RTT) and reliability in real world situations. We looked at various apps but nothing came close to meeting our needs, so we decided to buckle down and build an internal testing tool ourselves.

Specifications: in the Apple iOS environment we wanted to know how Speedify was handling:

  • Bad / low performance WiFi hotspots (people are always complaining about those)
  • Poor cellular coverage
  • Switching from a WiFi hotspot to another, to LTE and vice versa
  • VPN disconnects when switching between active connections

All of this had to be tied to the location of testing, so we could replicate the test at future times as well as include export features, for further analysis.

First iteration – Just the basic stuff 
Initially we built an internal tool for iOS that pinged a server via all active network adapters an iPhone supports: WiFi, LTE and VPN. It would show the RTT and whether an interface had timed out or not. This was enough for our internal mobile diagnostics testing.

Second iteration – Making it VPN agnostic 
Then, upon working on eliminating Speedify disconnects based on the tests we did, we thought: why not test other VPNs as well, to see how we perform against them? And so we did – we made the internal mobile diagnostics tool support any type of VPN being tested.

Further developments – Releasing it to the community in the Apple Store:
As we were talking to other people about Speedify, we found they were also desperate for a good way to put real metrics behind their network tests. So, we dove back into our internal tool and turned it into Pingify, a full fledged app that works with (or without) any VPN to deliver real world objective results.

So – there you have it. If you’re like me and want to see for yourself where and what the issue with coverage or reliability is, and address it directly – give Pingify a test run! It’s free and only available on iOS, but as we’re gathering comments we’re thinking of extending it for Android too…

Pingify: Mobile Network Diagnostics Made Easy!

Pingify is a free utility for testing network coverage, Internet reliability, and VPN dependability.