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Why We Created Pingify, How It Evolved, What’s Next

The Pingify app is a brand new mobile network diagnostics service launched in November 2017 for iPhones and iPads. It helps you assess in real time the Internet connection reliability and latency for WiFi, LTE and VPN services. It links the location and time to the quality of service, so that you know where to tweak something in order to get fast and reliable Internet. At first it’s been around as an internal testing tool, but now you can get it from the Apple Store – see the full story below!

Behind the Scenes: Pingify Initially Was an Internal Network Testing Tool

The story of Pingify began when were working for Speedify, our channel bonding mobile VPN. We found there was a real shortage of mobile network diagnostic tools that could tell us just how well our new VPN with link aggregation capabilities was working on iOS. Having the “geek” gene developed and having the knowledge and experience (after all – we are networking software engineers), we decided to build the tool we needed ourselves.

So, this little app helped us test Speedify while we walked the streets of our home town, Philadelphia, testing. We didn’t plan on doing anything more with the tool. But it served its purpose and transformed Speedify into a rock solid mobile VPN.

Evolution of Pingify: Helping Both Consumers and Companies Decide on the Best VPN

As we started talking to bigger companies about using our secure link aggregation solution, Speedify, they needed a way to put metrics on how different VPNs compared in order to justify a purchase. A VPN that fits a certain scenario like a glove can really suck for another situation. That’s why there’s need for an objective mobile network testing tool that delivers relevant metrics for each of the Internet adapters on an iOS device: WiFi, LTE and VPN.

Since no one else had come up with a good tool for network testing tools for iPhones and iPads, we dove back into Pingify and turned it into something that would work with any VPN and even without a VPN. This way, Pingify delivers neutral test results that can be analyzed right on the phone, or exported to your favorite data analysis package.

What’s Next for Pingify?

We launched Pingify on the Apple Store and since nowadays using a VPN is very much needed (or at least recommended), we feel like Pingify can really contribute to the development of more robust and reliable VPN solutions, that not only secure the online traffic and privacy, but also don’t compromise on speed and keep the connection alive when the mobile device shifts between connections – WiFi, LTE, wired, etc.

As we’ll get feedback from Pingify users, we’ll work to improve it with new related functionalities, maybe even port it to other platforms.

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