Testing ExpressVPN with Pingify Mobile Network Diagnostics Tool

Express VPN Review

In this video we use Pingify to evaluate ExpressVPN as we walk around and connect to public wifi hotspots in Center City Philadelphia. The goal is to complete a 4 block loop and see how ExpressVPN reacts in real world situations. If the VPN connection disconnects at any point during the test it will be considered a failure.

Pingify test setup:
WiFi network: xfinitywifi
Cellular network: AT&T
VPN: ExpressVPN

Testing ExpressVPN with Pingify mobile network diagnostics tool is simple: just run ExpressVPN with the default settings and also start a test on Pingify.

As we’re walking down the streets, we noticed that as the public WiFi connection was having issues, the ExpressVPN connection also started to time out. When the public WiFi hotspot handoff is not successful and the WiFi connection disconnects altogether, ExpressVPN will also drop the connection, as it’s closely tied to WiFi. This means that any download would have failed, as well as any streaming video, music or VoIP call.

In our test, ExpressVPN was bound to WiFi and disconnected when the WiFi connection dropped. This left the iPhone unprotected to Internet threats.

Want to take a look at the test analysis file? Get it here

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