How to Test 4G / LTE Network Coverage

Test 4G / LTE Cell Signal in Real World Conditions with Pingify

Get real-time statistics for your 4G / LTE cell signal on your iPhone, compare and analyze results. Pingify mobile network diagnostics tool is the only software for iPhone that tests 4G / LTE network coverage.

Pingify – the Answer on How to Test 4G / LTE Network Coverage on iPhone

If you’re looking for a mobile network diagnostics tool for iOS that can test 4G / LTE network coverage, Internet reliability and VPN dependability, you found it: Pingify!

Pingify, initially an internal testing tool, is now the only real world 4G / LTE coverage test that works on iPhones by sending small amounts of data (pings). It measures the latency and the reliability of your cellular connection through an internal algorithm.

How to test 4G / LTE network coverage yourself? Forget about checking coverage maps made by the operators themselves; now it’s very simple with the Pingify free app – just get it from the Apple Store and discover much more about your 4G / LTE cell signal performance.

How to Test 4G / LTE Network Coverage on iPhone with Pingify Mobile Network Diagnostics Tool

You don’t have to access a special console and input cryptic commands to run 4G / LTE cell signal tests with the Pingify mobile network diagnostics tool. Just install the app from the Apple Store (it’s free and it has no ads!) and press the “Start Test” button. For best results, continue to do what you’re usually doing while Pingify is running the 4G / LTE network coverage tests – after all, Pingify is made to test under real world conditions!

Here’s how Pingify works:

  1. While running, Pingify sends out short messages called pings on all your available Internet connections, including your 4G / LTE adapter on your iPhone. These pings measure the reaction time of your connection– basically how fast you get a response after you’ve sent out a request.
  2. Pingify logs and the location and round trip time these pings and report errors, delays, and the latency (lag) of each connection.
  3. Pingify then assigns a reliability score that is based on the amount of Pings that are successfully sent and received.
  4. Use the built in graphs and tools to evaluate the performance of your connections or export your results for further analysis

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What Information Can You Find Out with the Pingify Mobile Network Diagnostics Tool?

The Pingify free 4G / LTE network coverage test for iOS is both friendly to networking newbies and offers a lot of relevant data to advanced networking users. It features a user interface that shows in real time the most important parameters being tested and assessed: Internet latency (ms) and Internet connection reliability (%) for each of the active network adapters: WiFi, 4G / LTE and VPN.

As Pingify tests 4G / LTE network coverage, it associates the network data gathered every second with the user location, so you can easily correlate the performance to the real world situation and know which areas you should avoid or improve, if you’re a network engineer.

As mentioned above, the data can be viewed in real time and can also be exported in .tsv format for further analysis.

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Are There Better 4G / LTE Network Coverage Test Apps for iPhone?

If there were, we wouldn’t have created it for internal testing. Pingify mobile network diagnostics tool is unique in the way that it can test the coverage and reliability of all network adapters – WiFi, 4G / LTE and VPN – just to see which one performs the best at any given time and in any given place.

  • Find out when WiFi connection drops (bad WiFi hotspots) on your way to work, so you can avoid that area and continue streaming your favorite music on Apple Music or Spotify.
  • See if there are any dead areas where there’s no 4G / LTE cellular signal or when it has a lower speed, so you don’t do any live streaming from there.
  • Worried about VPN disconnecting and leaving you without Internet or without protection when the Internet resumes? Pingify mobile network diagnostics tool helps you test a VPN in real world conditions and shares all the data you need to feel secure.

Pingify – Your iPhone Networking Diagnostics Companion

Test 4G / LTE network coverage, WiFi stability, Internet reliability and VPN dependability with Pingify mobile network diagnostics tool!

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