About Pingify

Part of the Connectify, Inc. family of brands, Pingify was initially created as an internal testing tool–until we discovered its value to the tech community as a whole.

When we were creating Speedify, our Channel Bonding VPN, we found there was a shortage of tools that could accurately tell us just how well our new VPN was working on iOS. Being engineers, we built our own app to help us quantify our results while testing on the streets of Philadelphia. It served its purpose and helped transform Speedify into the rock-solid VPN it is today. End of story–or so we thought.

When we started talking to other companies about Speedify, we found they were also desperate for a good way to compare VPN providers and put real metrics behind their tests. So, we dove back into Pingify and transformed it from a simple, internal testing tool into a full-fledged app that works with (or without) any VPN. It delivers objective, vendor-neutral results that can be evaluated right on your phone or exported to your favorite data analysis package.