Mobile network diagnostics made easy

Pingify is a free utility for testing network coverage, Internet reliability, and VPN dependability.

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Why Use Pingify?

Find Wi-Fi dead zones

Determine where the wireless network is lacking and the best place for repeaters and wireless extenders

Locate the best seat in house

Whether you’re at the airport or the coffee shop, you can easily find the best place to get some work done.

Test VPN connectivity

Not all VPNs are created equally. With Pingify you can test the connectivity and reliability of network software.

See Pingify in Action

Test VPN Reliability and Network Coverage Like a Pro

Real-time statistics for all adapters

Simultaneously test the latency and reliabiliity of wifi, cellular, and VPN connections on your mobile device

Location based reporting

Easily determine areas of poor coverage or the locations of non working or dead hotspots

Compare and analyze results

Pingify includes several graph and table views for evaluating the performance of your connections

Data exports

Export your test results in .TSV format for additional analysis in your preferred spreadsheet software

How it Works

  • While running, Pingify sends out short messages called pings on all your available Internet connections.

  • These pings measure the reaction time of your connection– basically how fast you get a response after you’ve sent out a request.

  • Pingify logs and the location and round trip time these pings and report errors, delays, and the latency (lag) of each connection.

  • Pingify then assigns a reliability score that is based on the amount of Pings that are successfully sent and received.

  • Use the built in graphs and tools to evaluate the performance of your connections or export your results for further analysis

Testing VPNs with Pingify

Pingify is the ideal tool for testing the reliability and connectivity of VPNs on your mobile device. On our YouTube channel we take it to the streets to test VPNs and other software in real world scenarios.

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